First set up as Cheers Private Cocktail Parties 
on Waiheke Island in 2009, Cheers has been providing high quality cocktail party packages to private parties in a wide range of different settings, venues and events. 
Initially  focusing on drinks and cocktails  due to customer demand and a long time expertise  Cheers have been also established as a high quality catering provider  specializing in custom made experience for smaller to medium sized groups.

Private Fine dining
Corporate catering
  Family celebrations
Special occasions
Gourmet BBQ

As every customer is special to us and we prefer to provide a very personal, custom made experience please simply give us a call or send us an email to receive our sample menus and have a chat about what we can do for you;-)
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Just a couple celebrating a special occasion,
small budget, special dietary requirements........
We would always like to hear from YOU first what your special requests are.
Only this way we can tailor your very own personalised menu suited any occasion:-)


"Thank you so much for your most excellent food and service. It really was a highlight of the day, exceeding all expectations. Awesome."                                                                                     
                                                                                                                                                                                         Bill Vickery

"We had a wonderfull meal for eight at a private venue for a special birthday. Lucie and her team served a very memorable multi - course dinner, They were very professional and the food was delicious. Recommended!!"                                                                                                 
                                                                                                                                                                                        Kathy Clist

"I want to thank you for a spectacular evening last night, you are an exceptional chef and we all couldn't believe the food we got to taste and enjoy. It was an experience we will never forget and we all agreed it was the best meal any of us had ever had. I have no idea how you got so much incredible flavour in each dish, as I remember every course I just want to eat it all over again. We could see how much thought and technical skill had gone into it all."                                                                                                                                                               

Sample Menus

White wine matching canapes
Corporate diner
Lunch menu sample
Long lunch
Long lunch
Winter mains
Basic BBQ
BBQ Menu

Please enquire about any wedding/party menus

We also supply prepared BBQ packages and Beach Food Hampers, please enquire  for details.....

BBQ Package  MENU

All prepared by our profesional butcher and chef from Premium NZ meats, with high quality ingredients and homemade sauces and marinades! Made to an order - please allow two working days for preparation.


  1. Chicken Consomme royale
    Chicken Consomme royale
  2. Cinamon Creme Brule with poached pear
    Cinamon Creme Brule with poached pear
  3. canapé tastings
    canapé tastings
  4. Beef cheeks main
    Beef cheeks main
  5. Chicken Liver parfait Truffle
    Chicken Liver parfait Truffle
  6. Crayfish thermidor entrée
    Crayfish thermidor entrée
  7. Private Cocktail Party Gulf Place
    Private Cocktail Party Gulf Place
  8. Beef cheeks
    Beef cheeks
  9. Beetroot canape
    Beetroot canape
  10. Breakfast Brunch
    Breakfast Brunch
  11. Cocktail Challenge
    Cocktail Challenge
  12. Trio of deserts
    Trio of deserts
  13. Canapes
  14. Duck terrine canape
    Duck terrine canape
  15. Duck Confit
    Duck Confit
  16. Summer Cocktails
    Summer Cocktails
  17. Summer Cocktails
    Summer Cocktails
  18. Private Party 2013
    Private Party 2013
  19. Private party 2013
    Private party 2013
  20. 2012
  21. 2012
  22. LED lighting on our Mobile Cocktail Bar
    LED lighting on our Mobile Cocktail Bar
  23. Blue Monkey cocktail
    Blue Monkey cocktail
  24. Cocktail Challenge Cable Bay
    Cocktail Challenge Cable Bay
  25. Private Cocktail Challenge 2014
    Private Cocktail Challenge 2014
  26. Mojito
  27. Cocktails
  28. Cocktails
  29. Oneroa Hall, Kavana Jade Trust Fundraiser
    Oneroa Hall, Kavana Jade Trust Fundraiser
  30. Garden Safari 2014
    Garden Safari 2014
  31. Te Motu 2014
    Te Motu 2014
  32. Rakino Island 2014
    Rakino Island 2014
  33. Strawberry and Basil Tom Collins
    Strawberry and Basil Tom Collins
  34. Kiddies Halloweeen party
    Kiddies Halloweeen party
  35. Mojito Night
    Mojito Night
  36. Mojito Day :-)
    Mojito Day :-)
  37. Private Diner 2013
    Private Diner 2013
  38. Hendrix with rose and cucumber,topped with champagne
    Hendrix with rose and cucumber,topped with champagne
  39. Handmade tortellini with porcini mushrooms, pork and sage
    Handmade tortellini with porcini mushrooms, pork and sage